Remote desktop services configuration

In the previous post, we detailed Remote desktop services installation on 2012.

Now, we are going to install(deploy) RD Licensing and RD Gateway roles.

RD Licensing role deployment:

In the server manager, click Remote Desktop Services.


In the overview, click on RD Licensing


Select the server name to install the RD Licensing server.


Confirm the licensing server name and click add. No need to restart the server.

RD Gateway role deployment: role enables remote users to use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) over HTTPS. It is placed on the edge of your network and acts as the entry point to your RDS environment externally. This enables Remote Access RDS environment ovet port number 443.

In Remote Desktop Services overview, click on RD Gateway. Then, add RD Gateway server.


Provide the Self-signed certificate name. In my case is certificate.


Review the configuration details and Add to deploy the RD Gateway role.

Next Step: Create certificate for Remote desktop services 2012

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